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Founder: Gabrielle Wong
  • Interested in the intersection of anthropology and computer science.
  • Builder of Anthro-AI portfolio below.
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Software Studio

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GeoMosquito Software

1st Place, Maxar Climate Mapping Challenge, NFTE 2022 World Series of Innovation
  • Software monitoring mosquito density, malaria rates in sub-Saharan Africa using satellite, climate and agricultural data.
  • Patent pending software
  • Used for an anthropology research paper to study how rice harvesting reduced effects of malaria control policies in rural Nigeria.
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Other Projects

FoodPrint AI Mobile App

3rd Place, ServiceNow Carbon Killer Challenge NFTE 2022 World Series of Innovation

  • Mobile app leveraging algorithms to monitor, calculate, and suggest strategies for organisations and individuals to reduce their carbon emissions.
  • By examining food consumption patterns, FoodPrint AI can provide insights into evolving dietary habits and cultural preferences.
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DialectDetect Application

Honourable Mention
2022 Celebrating High School Innovators

  • Application using NLP to detect and translate between rare dialects.
  • By accurately identifying and cataloging these dialects, DialectDetect can preserve worldwide linguistic diversity.

Ethno-Health Map

[Work in Progress]

  • Integrating information about local flora and fauna.
  • Currently collecting ethnographic data about local plants to build a diversity monitoring system.
  • By cataloging these rare plants, Ethno-Health Map 
can preserve plant diversity.
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Machine Lab

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MosquitoSat Machine

Rising Star Award
British International Education
Association (BIEA) 2023 STEM Competition

  • Mosquito logging device serving as an early warning vector-borne disease transmission system.
  • Used various sensors to detect mosquitoes.
  • Creating function to eject BTI bacteria larvicide, into bodies of static water that model predicts to have mosquitos.
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Site Sentinel Pro

[Work in Progress]

  • Device using moisture, movement and temperature sensors to monitor and protect archaeological sites.
  • Prevents degradation and theft from occurring to culturally significant artefacts.

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